Wednesday, April 14, 2010

learning to fly

laying on the bed, I heard it.
The knowing, making it real. The sound.
Quickly grabbed my jeans and shirt
running outside, attempting to button up.
Forget it, leave it, ignore it
finding the sound
my mission, my desire, my passion.
Raining, an ominous portent for the
the wings I seek.
Water pouring off me, clouding vision
Taking my shirt off to wipe my eyes, face.
And yes, the sound grows ever closer.
I hear a sputter and my heart lurches.
There she is! Clear for only one brief
A Piper, white with grand red stripes,
broad. proud she fly's.
Heavy winds, weighty rain pulls her down.
Fighting, struggling for altitude she cants to
the left. I hold my breath, a prayer on my
lips. Tipping, trajectory seems to be lost.
No, I whisper.
And there, right now she evens. A viking
on the way to victory.
Tears flood my face. This time for courage.
Learning to fly.