Saturday, June 19, 2010


Peace of mind, give me the calm to notice
that there is a point along the ocean's horizon
where the watery blue changes to a deeper
complexion of blueness.

When I can think of nothing, when the thoughts
are endless,
I must go away and come find the sea.

He lays me down, it's far from here
and I am not afraid.
Take me to the water, to the edge, to the edge,
lift my clothing, walk me to the water.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Secret Keeper

I have a secret.
A lusty chimera that devours ingeniously.
As tidal as the moon,
a force, this secret is.
It begs, teases and conspires; tell!
Oh what tricks it plays,
as sensual as a lovers embrace.
Shhh!, I damp it down.
As tart as a lemon and sweet as honey.
It beckons with promises, lies.

I'm whistling forth a storm........
And I'm taking my secret with me!