Monday, February 21, 2011

Leda and the Swan

Leda bends, she sways,
the agonizing pain,
the puriant pleasure.
Wings pressing her delicate thighs
opening them in a blurry of white.

Closer he enfolds,
she finds but scant will to fend.

She leans to his need, his nature.
A delicious invasion.

Zeus leaves his seed indifferently.
The queen of Sparta, alert to his flight beyond.

Twins moan in the womb,
Leda weeps aloud.


I left home.
I left home and moved on.
One small suitcase,
but enough memories
for all the tomorrows.

His shadow slinks, its next to me
corner of my eye,
filling my soul like cement.

Years are behind me,
my wings are clipped,
and I'm running now.
Just not fast enough.

He's in front of me,
nowhere to hide but inside.
Inside I go back,
I vision no escape....
this time.
My feet are bloodied,
trans versing this same circle; going nowhere.


He plays her like an instrument he knows
She arches for him,
He meets every curve
with his hard warmth.

Unwittingly casting a spell,
whispered secrets whorl
above their heads.

Their kiss, a potent drug
A climactic need.