Sunday, December 20, 2009

He walked in

He walked in. surely he came out of nowhere.

My eyes were shut. My wall was up and yet...he walked in.

my grief had been so deep, so utterly overwhelming that I did not hear

the footsteps. The emptiness in my heart had made me a different

person, one I no longer recognized in the mirror. I dont know her. i paint my face to hide my face.

I had my back turned.

He walked in.

No sound penetrated my wall. Anguish reigned master over my heart and perfect

slave I was, I welcomed it, adoring it, feed it the finest of tears.

My ears were shuttered.

He walked in.

I begged for oblivion, give me nothingness I cried out...take my breath.

This is MY garden and midnight is all I desire.....give me BLACK!

He walked in.

turning, I see his arms open.

I walk in.

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