Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pandora's Box

Of course I knew the day was coming. For several thousand years
I've known the date. I have not lived one day without this beast
on my back.
Damn Zeus to Hades. He could not be satisfied with the punishment he
metered out to Prometheus. No, he then had to have me created by
his choice of gods! For revenge? Revenge!

He imbued me with many qualities. Beauty, kindness of heart, and of
course curiosity. I was also given a pithos. Indeed I am Pandora and the
pithos is my daily burden known as “the box”. The box containing all
of the worlds evils.
Zeus then rent the sky wide and dropped me forth to live among the humans
to guard the secret of the allow nothing to escape again.....
until now.

I have begged Charron with thrice his fee. On my knees for a ferry
across Styx. This also is denied me. There was never to be any sucress.

I spend my days tenderly rubbing the box with oils from the finest
of olives. There is no sheen that could possibly compare to the one
of Pandora's box. The scent of myrrh permeates its shape.
It has over the years, taken on a life of its own. It is not unlike a woman
gently and with great care, being taken care of by her lover.

And yet, I stand at this day of reckoning, anticipation and horror course
through me to my very core. Just what will Zeus have me unleash
upon humankind?
With one last tear, I slowly push the lock back and open the box.

Inside lay one thing and one thing only.
A mustard seed.