Tuesday, March 30, 2010

a moment longer

Allow me to remain here at shores edge
just a moment longer.
Fog enveloping me, so like a lovers caress.
Warm, gentle, complete.
Smooth sand at my finger tips
older than time.
Before there was a him
long before me.
Let me feast my eyes on the struggling dawn
one last time.
Feel the waves lap at my thighs and belly
Wet to wet,
just a moment longer.


  1. I close my eyes and see
    I open my heart and feel
    I touch your memory with my soul
    surrounded in fog
    you paint your love
    with waves
    upon my shore
    in memory
    and I wait
    for you to come again

    such a beautiful vision
    it painted and pulled me
    up to come and sit by the edge of your sea
    and see

    thankyou for sharing :)

  2. my darling Luna...you put my words to shame! such beauty....