Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bridge of Sighs

A night venture
yes, just a short trip
this evening.
After all, what can it cost?
A mere coin?
Reach into your pocket
we leave straightaway.
The moon casts a naked shadow
on the blackest of rivers
not a ripple to disturb
the marble of it's fathomless depths.
Old as time
mortal for only a brief breath longer.
What color is your thread?
As we enter the room of Fates,
what color?
Red, a bright jewel blue perhaps,
or a shade of night dew on still water?
No matter...you have reached the near shore.
Hand your gold coin to Charron.
He awaits and he is impatient.
Take a lengthy breath and
step into the boat.
It is called the Bridge of Sighs for a reason.
This is your last.

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